Monuriki (n.) A desire to discover, to pause and to lose ourselves in the beauty of this world, if only for a moment. 


Monuriki is a seasonless fashion label founded on the intent that rather than our wardrobes be bursting at the seams, they instead embrace a curated collection of pieces we simply love to wear. Think effortless undone elegance; clothing that will carry us from city life to the countryside, the coast and everywhere in between. Thoughtful, feminine and flattering clothing that compliments the contemporary woman and the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle. 


Launching in 2020 and based in London, Monuriki is the creation of Ashley Groom. Observing a space for womenswear that works for the women of now, Ashley set her sights on designing a collection that at its heart, celebrates the art of craftsmanship and technique, producing a conscious collection that is created to be worn over and over, season after season.

Monuriki's debut collection harnesses effortless designs that balance the beauty of clean lines and shapes, with stylish and sustainable fabrics. From Bamboo Silk to Tencel, the essence of each design is to disconnect the dilemma of I have nothing to wear and instead replace it with a promise of I own the perfect piece


The name Monuriki originates from an idyllic island in Fiji - a nod to Ashley's heritage and dedication to her adoration of travel and the pure freedom of calm and clarity it brings when we take a moment to pause and indulge our inner wanderlust. 


To elevate the everyday, one thread at a time

To dress with integrity

To marvel at real women, the muses of today

To always see beyond our surroundings

To stay curious and seek adventure